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With over 35 years experience in supplying LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), Kosangas are constantly striving to improve the service we provide to our customers.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer care and are proud of our local knowledge, which allows us to provide you with the level of service you expect - wherever you live in the Island. We recognise the critical role our staff play in delivering outstanding service to every customer and we realise the importance of investment in our employee's training and development in order to achieve a standard of excellence for all our customers.

What should you do if you smell gas?


Don't smoke

Don't use naked flames

Don't turn electric switches on or off

Don't use your telephone or doorbell

Don't leave it to someone else


Do turn off your gas supply at the emergency control valve (usually next to your gas meter).

Do extinguish all naked flames and sources of ignition.

Do open doors and windows to allow gas to disperse.

Additional information for LPG bottle gas users.

Cylinders suspected of leaking should be moved into a well ventilated area if safe to do so.


Call 749000

What should you do if you suspect that fumes containing Carbon Monoxide are escaping from a gas appliance?

If you ever suffer any of the following symptoms when gas appliances are in use: headaches; nausea; dizziness. Turn them off immediately and call 749000

  • Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas which can be formed by burning any fuel if the appliance is not properly installed or maintained.
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors are widely available and it is strongly recommended every household have one.

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