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eyelid, and then apply a layer of mascara to the top eyelashes. Applying the mascara before the eyeliner will allow you to use your las hes as a guide and help prevent liner from getting into your eyes. 3 Use a well-sharpened eyeliner pencil to draw a guide along the las h line. 4 Place a small amount of liquid eyeliner on a fine-tipped eyeliner brush, wiping the tip to remove any excess. Tilt your head back and gently pull your eyelid taut with the fingertips of your free hand. Apply the liner along the penciled guide, starting in the free 3d scifi models middle of the eye and working along the top of the lash line. Finish by applying liner from the inner corner of the eye to the middle, making sure the final stroke overlaps the first. Repeat the process in the other eye and to the lower lids if desired. 5 Allow the line gas safety certificates for landlords bristol r to dry thoroughly before applying a second layer of mascara.1 Lay the fabric square out so that one corner is pointing towards you, l .

it is halfway to the right corner. Smooth down the crease. 4 Take the right corner and fold it to the left, so that the corner touches the left side of the fabric. You should now have what looks like a small triangle sitting on top of a square. 5 Tuck the fabric square neatly into your breast pocket with the triangles pointing upwards.1 Join the links of your bracelet in the style or pattern of your c hoosing until the bracelet is your desired length. To test your length, put the hook and loop of your clasp in the closed position and web fonts photoshop touch one end of the bracelet to each half of the clasp. It is important to factor in the length created by your clasp or else your bra celet will end up too long. 2 Turn the last row of links at one end of the bracelet so the divide in the links are pointing away from t gas safety certificates for landlords bristol he rest of the bracelet 3 Grip a link that one of the clasp pieces will be attached to with two pairs of pliers. The pliers should grip .

en links through the base of the end of the clasp being secured. 6 Grip the two ends of an open link with the pliers, then twist your h ands toward each other to close the link. Repeat for the remaining open links if securing to multiple links. 7 Open the links on the se cond end of the bracelet needed to secure the second half of the clasp, pass the open links through the clasp's base and close to secur e.1 Felt is an easy-to-sew material. Cut two circular pieces, approximately 15 inches in diameter to create the brim. Cut several bands project64 icon download of felt measuring 24 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. Use scissors to cut a piece for the top of the hat, measuring 7.5 inches in diam eter. 2 Sew the top hat together. Lay the two circular brim pieces on top of one another. Use a fabric pencil to trace the diameter of gas safety certificates for landlords bristol the head at the center, cutting it out and creating an open circle at the center. Stitch together the newly cut circles at the outer ed .

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