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ges. Use an edger or hand tool bevel for this process. Finally, condition the edges using a foam brush to apply a conditioner such as G um Tragacanth. 3 Tool the belt. Once the leather is chosen and cut, wet the leather strip with a sponge. The water will soften the leat her and make the tooling process much easier. With a pencil, draw a faint line down the belt where you want the pattern to be. For exam ple, if you want the pattern to be down the middle of the belt, draw a faint guideline down the middle of the belt. Begin designing you free 3d science models r pattern with leather cutting design tools, if desired. 4 Dye the leather.Your design will stand out against the darker dye.Apply a dy e color of your choice. The dye should be oil-based and specifically a leather dye. Next, apply a thin coat of leather balm. This will gas safety checks prices seal the leather grain and protect the dye for years to come. Buff the finish until you have reached your desired shine. 5 Attach the b .

's metal loop facing the belt. Put the belt through the metal loop of the belt buckle and, use button to clasp the buckle back on itsel f. Be sure to thin the belt where the buckle attaches so it is not bulky using a bench top skiver. You may want to form the belt in a c ircle so that it is not stiff.1 Remove the ruby if it is in a jewelry setting, if possible. 2 Fill a small bowl with warm, soapy water. 3 Place the ruby in the water and let it soak for 10 minutes. 4 Lift the ruby from the water and gently scrub it with a soft jewelry b tattoo style fonts rush to remove any dirt or residue that hasn't come off. 5 Rinse the ruby under warm water to rinse off soap. 6 Dry thoroughly in with a soft towel. 7 Rub the ruby with a silk cloth to make it shine. Replace the ruby back into its setting if you removed it.1 Lay out a s gas safety checks prices oft cloth on a hard, smooth surface. The cloth will ensure the watch does not become scratched. Stand the watch bracelet upright on the .

eat Steps 2 and 3 to detach additional links.1 Lace and tie your boots all the way up. It does no good to blouse your trousers over slo ppy or open boots. 2 Wrap the commercial blousing strap around your calf just above your boot and secure it. You secure some blousing s traps by connecting a metal hook to an eyelet. Other blousing strap designs use plastic hooks and loop strips. With military issue BDUs , you can simply tie the ends of the sewn-in straps snug, but not tight, around your calf. 3 Pull the cuff of your pant a few inches be app bundle icon low the blousing strap if you are using a commercial strap. 4 Grab the strap through the material of the trouser leg above the cuff and pull it away from your leg, creating a space between the strap and your leg. 5 Roll the bottom of the trouser leg under the strap all gas safety checks prices the way around your leg. For pants with sewn-in straps, just roll the pant leg down around the outside of the secured strap. 6 Pull the .

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