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medium pressure. Rub the brush in small, circular motions until the entire head and body of the shaver are clean. 4 Dampen a hand towel with fresh, hot water. Wipe the shaver -- and all dismantled parts -- clean with the towel. Allow all parts 1 hour to fully air-dry be fore reassembling.1 Select the appropriate turban fabric. The fabric should be about 98 inches long, and 33 inches wide. Sikhnet recomm ends using Rubia or Voyal fabric. You can use other fabrics as well like cotton or silk. 2 Wash the pagri, or turban fabric, once in a free 3d scan models standard washer to remove the starch from the fabric. You can also wash it by hand using warm water. Dry it in the dryer or allow it to air dry. 3 Comb and tie up any hair into a joora, or hair tie. Center the joora in the front of your head, right behind the forehead. gas safety for commercial landlords 4 Place a patka, or turban cap, on your head. Wearing one beneath the turban prevents it from slipping. 5 Place a fiftee, or cloth band .

ed the fabric four times and have a long, slender piece of cloth that is about 2 to 3 inches wide. 7 Roll one end of the pagri undernea th. Continue to roll it from one end to the other into a bun. Make sure to tuck and clean the edges of the roll to make sure the roll s tays neat. 8 Unwrap a few inches of the turban from the bun. Place the end of the turban in your mouth. 9 Wrap the turban fabric, still holding the end of it in your mouth, from the left side of your head to the right. Bring it above the left ear, around the back of the brian kent fonts head, slightly closer to the edges of the crown area on the right side of your head, and over to the left side of the head again close to your left ear. 10 Wrap the fabric around your head again. Adjust the second wrap so the top layer is slightly below the first layer gas safety for commercial landlords on the right side of your head, and slightly higher than the first layer on the left side of your head. 11 Create an additional layer. .

layer in the back of the turban. 14 Reach in through the top of the turban and tug at the first layer to pull the excess fabric that y ou held in your mouth through the top of the turban. 15 Unfold that first piece to expand and spread it over the top of your head. Tuck in any excess into the sides of the turban on the top of your head. 16 Tuck the end of the first layer (the part held in your mouth)ar ound to the back of your neck, and tuck the end of it neatly into the top of the turban.1 Remove fiber from your ring with tweezers. Fi browser icon pack bers are easily caught on rings when you dry your hands with a towel or change your clothes. 2 Use a small toothpick to remove any dirt from hard-to-reach places on your ring, such as on the diamond beneath the prongs. 3 Mix warm water and mild dish soap into a small co gas safety for commercial landlords ntainer and place it on a flat surface to soak your ring in. Never soak your rings in the sink --- they might accidently fall down the .

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