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th a teaspoon of lime juice. Then mix together with one egg white(no yolk). Apply to your entire face, and leave it there for 20 minute s. Then wash with warm water. 6 Make a honey, vitamin E oil, and olive oil face mask. This will provide you with an even skin tone and is very effective in treating acne. Apply one tablespoon of honey, with a teaspoon of vitamin E oil, and then one teaspoon of olive oil . Apply to your entire face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then wash with warm water.1 Ask to see a certificate of authenticity for th wood textures c4d e sapphire in question. Blue sapphires generally come from Australia and Thailand. Other sought after sapphires originate from Kashmir, Ceylon and Burma. Be suspicious if no certificate is available or if the source is other than these countries. 2 Check the color in na gas safety helpline tural light. A sapphire should have a markedly blue appearance. Be cautious of a gem that is too colorful. Remember these are naturally .

cope to check the clarity of the gem. Genuine sapphires do not have bubbles in them. However, fake gems do. If you see any small air bu bbles, it iscertain to be a glass imitation. 5 Check the surface of the sapphire for small scratches. Sapphires are extremely durable. A genuine example will not have any scratches on the surface, whereas a glass imitation will. 6 Inspect the cut and facets of the gem. Fake sapphires tend to have a simple cut with rounded facets. Choose a genuine gem that has crisp, clean cuts and oval or mixed shape f free diving books acets. 7 Inspect the setting of the stone. Settings that completely cover the edges or back of the sapphire may be hiding flaws or an i mitation stone. 8 Buy your sapphire from a reputable source. Ask friends and family for recommendations and don't be tempted by the lur gas safety helpline e of spur of the moment discounts. Sapphires are expensive and you should be entirely happy with your gem before you make a purchase.1 .

elp dissolve the ink. Gently scrub the spray and ink off your hands with a cloth. 4 Apply an abrasive mix of sugar and dish washing liq uid to your hand. Scrub until the ink is gone and rinse the mixture off your hand. 5 Dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover. Apply th e product to the ink stains and allow it to sit for several seconds before washing it off with water. Nail polish remover also contains alcohol that will aid in ink removal. 6 Apply lotion to moisturize your hands after youre finished. The cleaning agents can lead to dr 7 Day Diet y skin, especially when used in combination with each other.1 Wash hands. Nail polish applied to dirty or oily nails many not coat even ly or stay on when dried. Carefully wash and dry nails of all oil, lotions and dirt. 2 Cover the nails with one coat of clear base. All gas safety helpline ow it to dry completely before moving to the next step. Drying takes between five and 10 minutes. 3 Apply two coats of the colored poli .

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