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f the gem. The cuts should be clean and smooth, and each facet should be cut evenly. This affects the gem's ability to reflect and refr act light. 3 Look through the sapphire. A sapphire should not be completely transparent. Instead, looking through a sapphire should cau se things to look hazy. states that you should not be able to read fine print through a sapphire. 4 Ask to have the ston e cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and inspect it after it has been cleaned. A cleaning will show any imperfections that were hidden by free fonts pizza oiling. 5 Ask what treatments the sapphire has undergone and get it in writing. 6 Have the stone appraised before purchasing. This eli minates any doubt regarding the value of the stone, and it also allows you the comfort of knowing that you are getting what you are pay gas safety valve range ing for.1 Put on your kilt socks. Properly worn, they should be pulled up to right below the kneecap at first. 2 Strap the garters to y .

tion of the skean dhu handle peeping out over the sock.Preparation 1 Select the colors of thread for the tribal bracelet. With floss, p ick bright colors that work together well, such as yellow or black and red as these will stand out well. Use hemp for a more organic, n atural bracelet. 2 Measure a length of 27 inches of one color and cut. Repeat and then cut two 27-inch strands of the second and third colors; if using hemp, which is thicker, cut four 27-inch lengths. 3 Hold all the strands together and make a knot about 1 inch from on cool small icons e end to tie them all together. Put the small part above the knot under the spring clip of a clipboard; this will keep it in place as y ou work, and offer you a flat surface on which to make the tribal bracelet. Making The Bracelet 4 Separate the strands by color. Keep o gas safety valve range ne color on the left, one in the center, and the other color are on the right (with hemp, just separate the strands). 5 Cross the stran .

hen bring them back under to make a loop. Thread the ends of the strands through the loop and pull tight so that the strands end up on the right. Repeat the process, first with the strands on the left, then the strands on the right. Adding Beads 7 Separate the two cente r strands. Take a bead and push the left hand strands of thread through the bead from left to right. Push the other strand through the bead from right to left. Pull on the thread until the bead is tight against the knots already made. 8 Make two more knots with the stra wood textures rapidshare nds to the left and right and then insert another bead on the center strands as before. Pull taut against the knots and make two more k nots with the left and right strands before inserting another bead. 9 Repeat until approximately 1 inch from the end of the strands. Ma gas safety valve range ke a knot to tie off all the strands together. Tie the bracelet around the wrist of a friend, or have someone tie it on your wrist.Silv .

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