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ear a slight ripping sound. 3 Place on your head and test the size. Repeat until it fits. Making the Hat Smaller 4 Dip the cloth in a b owl of water and moisten the rim of the hat with it. Don't put water by the bill because that part of the hat cannot be adjusted. Be ca reful to only dampen the rim of the hat and not the inside. 5 Turn the hair dryer on high heat then blow into the center of the hat for a few seconds. After a few seconds blow around the rims. Make sure you hold the hat at the brim so you don't miss any spots when dryin 3d model of pluto g. 6 Switch the hair dryer to cool and blow around the rims. You should see wrinkling in the rims. This means that the hat has shrunken ..1 Remove the protective paper from one side of the interfacing, and place that side down on the inside of one of the 4-1/4 inch by 3- gas safety valve sale 1/4 inch rectangles, centered in the rectangle. Iron over the interface to bond it to the fabric. 2 Place the second large rectangle on .

g. 4 Turn the rectangles inside-out, pulling through the section you did not sew. Flatten the rectangle by hand, then iron over the rec tangle to secure the interfacing to the second piece of fabric. 5 Fold the 3-inch by 2-inch piece of fabric in half, so it is 3 inches long and 1 inch wide, and sew the two long edges together. This creates a tube of fabric. 6 Turn the tube inside out so the seam is hid den. 7 Flatten the tube, then roll the tube to create a hollow cylinder, approximately 1 inch wide, and sew the 1 inch edges together. free 3d rocket model Turn the cylinder inside out to hide the seam. 8 Crimp the large rectangle and pass the rectangle through the cylinder until the cylind er is centered along the 4-inch length. 9 Spread out the sides of the rectangle to create your desired bow-tie shape.1 Press the top ri gas safety valve sale ght hand button to illuminate the watch at any time. The light will glow as long as you hold down the button. 2 Press the bottom left " .

5 Press the top left hand button to return the watch to normal functioning.Precious Jewelry The green emerald is beautiful, rare and d urable and has thus become one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. Emeralds occur in various shades including parrot green, k elly green and peacock green. The deeper the green and the more transparent the stone, the more valuable the emerald will be. Because n atural emeralds are becoming more rare, some merchants fill stones with chemicals to enhance the brightness of dull stones. Be aware of free fonts pizza this when purchasing emerald gemstones. Emerald Cuts Jewelers finish emeralds with facets in order to make gemstones for jewelry. The rectangular emerald cut was designed specifically for emeralds, which are sensitive to strong pressure and cannot usually be cut in the gas safety valve sale same way as diamonds or sapphires. Emeralds appear in different kinds of jewelry depending on the way they are cut: large emerald cut .

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