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nes detract from the look of a dress. Try a pair of Lycra pantyhose to smooth out any bulges you are worried about, or try a hold-in sl ip. 5 Wear a pretty floral dress throughout the year. You can make it work in the colder months by pairing it with woolen tights, booti es and a thick cardigan and scarf. The flowered print will be a nice and unexpected touch. 6 Layer your dresses to make them multi-func tional. A tank dress can also serve as a jumper over a blouse. Or a dress can be the perfect foundation to wear under a buttoned blazer free anesthesia ebooks download pdf , making it appear more like a tailored suit. 7 Look for dresses in a range of styles and prices. You will want to have a few nice dres ses for weddings, job interviews and other special occasions, but you may also want to buy some inexpensive ones. Stores like H&M, Fore types of oil gas safety jobs ver 21, and Macy's and Nordstrom's junior departments have a wide selection of casual dresses that are very affordable and look very fa .

nk top with flip-flops and add a long, colored bead necklace in the summer. Or add a cashmere shawl, tights and boots for a winning (an d warm) winter look.1 Measure yourself and write down the measurements to ensure the dress will fit your body. Measure from the back of your neck to where you would like the hem line, and add 2 inches extra for the hem.Measure yourhips, waist, bust and shoulders at thei r widest points. Divide these numbers in half, and then add 2 inches for seams. Measure from the bust to the waist and the waist to the find a fax cover sheet hips. 2 Place the material right side down on a flat surface and measure out your dress. Use a round plate to draw a slim neckline. Me asure from the neck to the hemline. Mark this with tailor's chalk. Draw the shape of the dress using your measurements. Check the measu types of oil gas safety jobs rements each time and draw your silhouette. 3 Cut out the front of the dress. Fold and pin 1-inch darts to create a bust line from unde .

or size. Ask a friend to help you fit the dress to your shape by adjusting the pins. Cut off any excess material. 5 Set in the zipper a t the back of the dress from waist to neck. Sew the dress together with a loose running stitch. Try the dress on again. Once you are ha ppy with the fit, sew a double seam along the sides, back and across the shoulders.Fold over the edges of the neckline and armholes, an d sew in seam binding to create a neat finish. 6 Try the dress on and ask a friend to help you pin the hemline. Sew the hem with a neat mac app store icon guidelines top stitch.1 Polish the cufflinks with the polishing rag. Remove any dirt or debris -- particularly on the flat surface of the cufflin k. 2 Determine how many of your three-dimensional stickers will fit on the flat surface of the cufflinks and decide if you want to add types of oil gas safety jobs one sticker or multiple stickers for a more shocking effect. 3 Peel the holographic sticker or stickers you want to place on one of the .

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