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is the length you desire. Add beading if desired by feeding a bead on to the two center strands and tying a knot around it. Beads can be added every few knots, inches, or just as a centerpiece to the necklace. 5 Finish the necklace by fastening metal or coil clips on t he ends of the jute, which can be purchased at a jewelry supply store. For a metal clip, feed the jute into the clip and crimp it tight . For a coil clip, feed the jute into the coil and tighten. 6 Attach a clasp to the end clips by opening the metal loop of the clasp wi Mayo Clinic Diet th needle-nosed pliers and feeding it through the loop of the clip on the jute. Tighten the loop shut with the top of the pliers. Repea t with the other side of the clasp.1 Cut off the belt buckles from both belts. 2 Clamp two suspender clips onto the front of your pants maxitrol gas safety valve and the remaining two to the back of your pants, parallel from each other. 3 Place one belt over your shoulder. If it is not long enou .

through the suspender clip ring behind you, in the same direction you've done the front side, and secure it with a safety pin. The belt should lay snug across your shoulder to keep from falling. Both ends of the belt should now be attached to a suspender clip with safet y pins. 5 Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with the second belt, resulting in two belts attached to the four suspender clips. 6 Mark where the belt s crisscross behind you (if they were long enough) by inserting a safety pin through both belts. Carefully remove all the suspender cli free gamer templates ps with belts attached from your pants. 7 Sew a horizontal stitch where all the safety pins are inserted. Sew all the seams so they fac e in the same direction.1 Lay a plain button out on a work surface covered in newspaper to protect it from the glue. 2 Choose the rhine maxitrol gas safety valve stones that you would like to use for covering the button. If it is a larger button, there will be room to incorporate a design. 3 Glue .

stones, for added protection, brush on a light coat of shellac to protect the button.1 Tie the ends of your two strands of yarn in the same fashion you would tie a shoelace. Place the knot in a secure area such as a pin cushion. Secure it in place with a pin. 2 Place th e strand of yarn in your right hand over and behind the left-hand strand. Pull the right strand through the loop and make it taut. 3 Re peat Step 2 with the left strand, pulling it over the right strand and behind. Pull it tautly through the loop it has created. These ar invoice template free microsoft e called "half hitches." 4 Repeat Steps 2 and 3 alternating between the right strand and the left strand until you have the amount of h alf hitches you desire. Fit it to the person's neck to ensure it is long enough. 5 Tie the open end of the strands the same way you tie maxitrol gas safety valve a shoelace.1 Put the belt on with a pair of pants and use the knife to mark where on the belt you want a hole to be. Take the belt off .

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