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n and gray, which coordinate with your suits. Match your suspenders in colors complementary to your pants or tie. 4 Consider how often you will wear your suspenders and to what occasions. For everyday use, choose a comfortable, durable pair of suspenders, such as leathe r, which attach easily and are meant to last a long time. When attending formal events, wear button-on suspenders in silk or designer p atterns to complement your tuxedo or dressy attire. 5 Try on different styles of braces. Most popular are the ones with the Y-shape and online audio books free harry potter X-shape in back to keep the straps together. If you wish to keep your suspenders separate, you can purchase two individual suspenders. Pick the style you feel most comfortable wearing. 6 Decide how much money you want to spend. Braces come in a variety of styles and ma where can i buy a nat. gas safety spill switch terials and range in price from inexpensive to upper end. Casual wear clip-on elastic or fabric suspenders can start at $14. Formal lea .

synthetic rayon to woolen boxcloth and pure silk. Learn your preference for width, length, elasticity and appearance before purchasing. Making the Halter Top 1 Take your bust, waist and hip measurements with a measuring tape. Jot down for future reference. 2 Purchase abo ut a yard of fabric in cotton, cotton modal, polyester/spandex blend, cotton/rayon blend, or silk for best results. Keep in mind that s ilk can be quite expensive. Choose a solid color. Marilyn Monroe often wore dresses in white, red, gold and black; simple yet classic c icons download rearranging themselves windows 7 olors that flatter most people. At this point, also purchase a zipper, thread, needles or anything else you may need. 3 Cut out two tri angular pieces to cover each breast, two rectangular pieces to cover your mid-section and two inch-wide strips to tie the halter around where can i buy a nat. gas safety spill switch your neck. For the triangular and rectangular pieces, make sure you leave about half an inch for the seams (where you'll be sewing all .

ue measurements. It's best to cut out slightly larger pieces that you can tailor later. If you make the pieces too small, you won't be able to fix it. 4 Sew the two triangular pieces together at the bottom. For a deep v-neck, make a small closure, about half an inch lon g. For less cleavage, make a larger closure, about an inch long or more. 5 Sew the triangular top to the first rectangular piece. Sew t he second rectangular piece to the first rectangular piece at one of the sides; leave the other side open for the zipper. Sew the strap free fashion blog templates blogger s to the top of each triangle. Try on the top to make sure it fits well. Making the Skirt 6 Purchase 2 yards of pleated fabric for the skirt. Marilyn Monroe's signature halter dresses always had pleated skirts. The dress worn in "The Seven Year Itch" has sunburst pleats where can i buy a nat. gas safety spill switch . 7 Cut out two parallelogram-shaped pieces (narrow at the top, wider at the bottom) of fabric for the skirt. The top of the pieces sho .

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