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g into the eye to avoid discomfort or eye irritation. 3 Do not take aspirin. This particular pain reliever could lead to additional dis coloration, because it discourages coagulation. Take acetaminophen instead, to lessen pain without adding to the prominence of a black eye. 4 Use makeup to lighten the appearance of a bruise. Put foundation or a concealer on the bruised area, to soften the deep purple, black or green tones. Apply the makeup with a cotton ball, makeup applicator, or sterile material to avoid getting bacteria, or your fi best paper textures ngers in your eye.1 Provide yourself with a stable, flat work surface, preferably a secondhand desktop that is located away from combus tible materials. Fill up a glass or cup with water and set it nearby. Light and adjust a small propane torch for a medium to hot flame, natural gas safety shut off valves and pick up the silver ring with a pair of insulated needlenose pliers. Heat the ring until it glows a faint pink, which may take one .

g over the top cone of the enlarging mandrel. The enlarging mandrel, which will increase the diamater of the ring, should be placed on the table top and stabilized. Use a plastic hammer to strike the ring in a downward direction several times on all sides. Pick the ring up with the pliers, and reheat it again with the propane torch. Dowse the ring in water, and place it on the mandrel in a reverse dire ction. Strike the ring edge downward several times again; then remove it and check its fit on your finger or on a ring sizing tool. 3 F free e-story books it the ring into the conical cavity of a portable ring compression mandrel. Make sure the ring sits tightly in the conical cavity; then remove it and smear some vegetable oil in the conical cavity. Pick up the ring with needlenose pliers and heat it with a propane torch natural gas safety shut off valves until it glows a faint pink. Dowse the ring. Place the ring back into the conical cavity, and align a bushing ram over the top of it. .

ers. Reheat the ring, dowse it, and place the ring in the cavity on its reverse side; then strike the bushing ram several times again. Remove the ring and check it on your finger, or check it on a ring sizing tool. For either enlarging or sizing down, reheat the ring an d perform as many enlarging or compression strikes as needed, until you achieve the desired size. 5 Place a ring sizing machine on the table top. Heat the ring with a propane torch until it glows faintly pink, and dowse it in water. Place it over the top, oiled cone of Living Low-Carb the machine, and set the enlargement bushing adapter over it. Pull the machine lever downward with medium to heavy force. Remove the ri ng, and check for size on your finger or a ring sizing tool. Repeat the heating and enlarging procedure as needed until you achieve the natural gas safety shut off valves proper size. 6 Test the fit of the ring in the compression cavities of a ring sizing machine. You may spin the cavity wheel or turn it .

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