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d help keep your hands looking young. 4 Wash the sugar mixture off your hands. Pat dry. 5 Take a dab of coconut oil from the jar and ru b it into your hands. Continue rubbing until your hands absorb the oil.1 Choosea working surface that is well lit. Place a soft cloth o n your working surface to ensure that you protect your watch from scuffs. Work only in a clean environment, as dust and lint can cause damage to the watch mechanism. 2 Look for a small lip on the edge of the watch back or a slight indentation in the edge. If there is on Hydroxycut e present, your watch has a snap-off back. Slide the tip of a watch case knife into the indentation or under the lip. Twist the knife t o pop off the back of the watch. Take care not to damage the gasket on water-resistant watches. 3 Inspect the watch back. If there are niceic landlord gas safety certificates small screws on the back, use the screwdriver to turn them in a counterclockwise direction and lift the watch back from the watch case. .

nd turn the watch opener in a counterclockwise direction until the back twists free of the watch case.1 Purchase a ring guard from a lo cal jewelry or online retail store. A ring guard is a band that goes around the underside of the ring to decrease the ring size. 2 Ask a jeweler about possible resizing methods that do not require exposing the ring to extreme heat. Jewelers might be able to attach sizin g beads to the inside of the wedding band to tighten the size. Sizing beads are small, metal pebbles that help close the width of the r free notecard templates ing. Tightening rods are similar; although, instead of beads, metal wire is used. 3 Resize your loose wedding ring using the soldering process. Take your ring to a jeweler and ask him to resize it using a welding process. The ring is heated until malleable and a portion niceic landlord gas safety certificates of the metal is removed. The jeweler then recast the ring into its original shape.1 String your female clasp onto the end of your cott .

your neck and the size of necklace you want. If you don't want cotton string, you can also use hemp string since both are biodegradabl e and recyclable. 4 Pierce a hole into the center of your bottle caps. You can do this by placing the end of a screwdriver over the cen ter of the bottle caps and gently hitting the handle of the screwdriver with a hammer. The bottle cap should be upside down when you do this so that you do not bend the bottle cap or ruin its integrity. 5 String your bottle caps on the cotton string. If you want to add payment invoice template free other accessories in a certain pattern, make sure you only string the proper amount of bottle caps that will allow you to achieve this end. 6 String clothespins on your cotton string through the eye of the clothespins. All clothespins will have an eye that is circular t niceic landlord gas safety certificates hat will allow you to pass a string through. Put as many clothespins on your cotton string that allow you to achieve your desired patte .

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