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the top bead in the same column, so the string is hanging out the top of the column. Pass the string through the beads in the second c olumn from the top down so the string finishes hanging out the bottom right bead in the grid. This completes one herringbone stitch. 4 Position four beads in a two-by-two grid next to the initial grid, then weave a herringbone stitch through the beads. 5 Add two-by-two grids with herringbone stitches until your two rows are as wide as your desired bracelet width. 6 Position two beads under the bottom r free eaudio books ow of the bracelet, aligned with the two columns from the last grid stitched. 7 Stitch up through the bead beneath the last column, and then lower bead from the prior grid, then back down through the lower bead in the second-to-last column from the prior grid and out th nicor gas safety rough the bottom of the second new bead. You have now added two beads to your third row. 8 Add pairs of beads to the row by weaving up .

. 10 Wrap the bracelet around to form its ring shape, with the first row aligned over the last row woven. 11 Weave a herringbone stitch pattern through the last and first rows, passing through the first column bead in the first row then the first column bead in the last row, then down through the second column beads in the last and first rows. Continue the stitch across the full length of the two rows. The stitch is identical to prior herringbone stitches with the beads in the first row creating the bottom two beads in each grid, and Hydroxycut the beads in the last row providing the top two beads for each grid. 12 Tie a knot in both loose ends of the elastic string where they emerge from a bead, to prevent the string from pulling through the beads. Snip the excess string after the knots.1 Select a photograph nicor gas safety that captures a significant moment in your life. For example, pick a snapshot from your honeymoon or a picture of your children. Cut ou .

example, you can place a movie ticket from a first date or sand from a beach vacation. 5 Place the photograph into the glass vial and glue the top and bottom onto the inside of the glass. 6 Place glue onto the cork after placing all items inside of the glass vial. Be s ure to wipe off any excess glue, and push cork into the vial. 7 Leave to dry and run a hemp twine through the eye pin on the cork. 8 Pl ace the necklace around your neck to obtain the right length and tie a knot.1 Place the jar of coconut oil in the microwave. Heat the j free notecard templates ar in 10- to 15-second increments until the oil liquifies. 2 Combine one cup of white or brown sugar with 1/4-cup coconut oil in a bowl . Stir the mixture with a spoon until well combined. Store the leftover mix in an airtight container, such as a Mason jar. 3 Rub a smal nicor gas safety l amount of the coconut oil and sugar mixture on your hands three times each week. This gentle exfoliation will slough off dead skin an .

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