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eate horizontal pleats and pin them in place. Sew the pleats, removing the straight pins as you go. 2 Drape the necktie around your nec k. Decide where you want the pleated side to fall. Lay the narrow end of the necktie under the pleated side and mark where they interse ct with the fabric pencil. 3 Sew a button on the underside of the pleated side of the necktie where you marked it. Sew a button hole on the narrow side of the necktie to correspond with the button. This will secure the necklace around your neck. Cut the excess necktie f cg textures paper rom the narrow side and hem it so it doesn't stick out from behind the pleated side. 4 Sew buttons on the pleated side of the necktie i n random places. This will give your necklace added flair.1 Read instructions on the anti-wrinkle cream for best use. Apply a high qual nitrogen compressed gas safety ity anti-aging cream to the lines around your mouth. Use a cream with ingredients collagen and Retin-A to moisturize and reduce the app .

nt with your dermatologist if you believe this method of wrinkle removal is for you. 3 Scrub the lines around your mouth with an exfoli ator containing the ingredient alpha-hydroxy acid complex. Over time, exfoliation will decrease lines around the mouth by removing dead skin cells and exposing new skin. 4 Water is a natural way to care for your skin. Drink at least 1.9 liters of water per day. Water wi ll keep your skin replenished and hydrated. The chances of your skin becoming dry and wrinkled will be reduced significantly. 5 Apply a free eaudio books n avocado mask weekly to hydrate the lines around your mouth. Blend an avocado until it is almost liquefied, or use a store bought avoc ado mask. Apply the avocado mask on the lines around your mouth or all over your face. Relax for 15 minutes to allow the oils of the av nitrogen compressed gas safety ocado to absorb into the lines. Rinse the mask off.1 Visit your local jeweler to have your rings properly sized. If the rings fit prope .

they don't spin or separate while you attach the ring guard. With a pair of pliers, fold and pinch the metal tabs around the shanks of the rings to hold the two rings together. Use a ring guard that has tabs long enough to wrap around both ring shanks. 3 Wrap a large r ubber ring sizer tube around the two rings to hold them together, slipping the ring shanks through the slit in the rubber tube. These r ing sizers are generally meant to make a larger ring fit your finger, but they also work to hold the rings together.1 Arrange four bead Hydroxycut s to form a two-by-two grid so the hole of each bead aligns with the other bead in the same column. 2 Thread the elastic string through top bead in the first column, so the string emerges from the bead in between the two beads in the column. The string is now in positio nitrogen compressed gas safety n to perform one herringbone stitch. 3 Pass the string up through the bottom bead in the first column from beneath, and then up through .

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