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few passes. 3 Repeat the process on all sections of the watch, following the original grain pattern. Use caution around polished surfac es and the crystal. 4 Rinse the watch off under cool water. Blot dry with a clean, soft cloth.1 Drink at least 10 8-ounce glasses of wa ter every day. 2 Eat as many oily foods as possible. Traditional sources include fish, nuts, coconut and avocado. 3 Purchase a vitamin C supplement, or increase the amount of vitamin C in your diet. The University of Maryland Medical Center advises that a vitamin C defi 4 Day Diet ciency can lead to "rough, dry and scaly skin" and notes that vitamin C limits the damage done by free radicals that age the skin. 4 Pu rchase a specially formulated moisturizer. Always New Yourecommends choosing a moisturizer including high-quality oil, such as emu oil, oil and gas safety alerts 2012 and which has ingredients including Argireline, which protects against wrinkles, and Matrixyl, which stimulates the skin's deep layer. .

nd preventing age spots and wrinkles. 7 Stop smoking. Smoking damages the skins fibers, and reduces oxygen and nutrients. This will acc elerate the aging process. 8 Shower in warm water, and use mild natural soaps. Blot your skin with a soft towel to dry yourself, allowi ng some moisture to remain. 9 Learn stress-management techniques. These can often be taught by yoga, Pilates or gym instructors. Set as ide some time to complete relaxing breathing activities each day.Tape 1 Cut a 1/2-inch piece of clear, packaging tape. 2 Set the piece blog templates fantasy of tape down with the sticky side facing down. 3 Roll the tape into a tight tube. 4 Stick the tube of tape inside the ring. Ensure the tape is flush with the inside of the ring to prevent it from showing. Plastic Guard 5 Purchase a plastic ring guard, available at jewel oil and gas safety alerts 2012 ry and department stores. 6 Open the small slit on the ring guard with your fingers. 7 Slip the back-side of your ring into the ring gu .

0 Allow the ring to dry for 24 hours. 11 Try on the ring. If you have a snug fit, you are finished. If the ring is still loose, take it off and add another layer of liquid ring guard until the ring fits perfectly on your finger.1 Wipe the sterling silver with a clean an d lint-free cloth every time you use it to ensure that the jewelry is not tarnished by oils on the skin. 2 Wash the sterling silver in warm, soapy water. Rinse the jewelry thoroughly to remove soap. Dry it with a soft towel. 3 Choose whether you will use toothpaste or b housekeeping invoice template free aking soda to polish the sterling silver. Either works well. With baking soda, you should put a tablespoon in a bowl and add water to i t until it has the consistency of toothpaste. Mix the concoction so it does not have clumps of baking soda. 4 Place either the baking s oil and gas safety alerts 2012 oda or toothpaste on the silver and spread the paste with a cloth, covering the entire piece of jewelry with the polisher. Use a soft b .

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