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t on the necklace and pinch the superfluous section of necklace. Do this near where the necklace links together for the best appearance . Place the clip in the position occupied by your fingers. Measure the spare bit of loop again or check in a mirror to ensure youve pla ced the clip at the correct point. DIY 5 Attach two or three split rings together. You could do this with one split ring if you wish, b ut using at least two is easier. Place a lobster clip of each of the outer rings. Close the split in the ring with your fingers to ensu free eft books re it doesnt fall apart. 6 Put the necklace on so the link is at your chest. Pinch the necklace together so it meets at the point you w ant it to finish on your chest. Attach a lobster clip to both sections of necklace you are pinching. 7 Turn the necklace around so the oil and gas safety jobs in ghana lobster clips and link are at the back of your neck. Wear your hair down to cover the link if you wish.1 Cut the snap back tabs out of .

e vertical seam on the back of the hat as the center of the opening. 3 Cut out one half of the opening on the fitted cap along the penc il line using sharp scissors. Use the material from this half to line up with the drawing on the other half to ensure that the opening will appear symmetrical. Retrace the second half if necessary. 4 Cut out the second half of the opening along the remaining pencil line . 5 Sew a strip of fabric into the inside of the hat brim. Be sure to sew only along the bottom edge. Cut the strip so it's ends are ev Eat to Live en with the edges of the newly created opening. 6 Place the ends of the snap back tabs that still have material attached to them betwee n the cap and the newly added fabric strip and sew them in, one on each side of the opening.Packaging Packaging your bracelets for ship oil and gas safety jobs in ghana ment depends on their size and fragility.Large, bulky bracelets, such as costume jewelry, may require a box instead of an envelope.Smal .

r fragile or expensive jewelry, choose a carrier that you trust.If unsure of which carrier to choose, look at the options available.Suc h options include delivery confirmation, a tracking number and insurance.If you are mailing jewelry that is worth quite a bit, whether it be expensive or merely sentimental in value, insure the package and request delivery confirmation.You should also get a tracking num ber with most services. Pricing The cost of mailing bracelets varies widely, as different carriers offer different pricing.If shipping templates music html5 a small envelope with no insurance or delivery confirmation, and if the package is not being expedited, the cost will be quite low.The larger and heavier the parcel, the higher the cost of shipping.Deciding upon a delivery time, such as overnight or priority, changes th oil and gas safety jobs in ghana e cost as well.The sooner the package is to be delivered, the higher the cost. Addressing the Package The manner in which you address y .

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