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ssues, as well as sunken eyes, at bay. Drink Plenty of Water Keep yourself hydrated and drink no less than 8 glasses of water a day. Li ke sufficient sleep, sufficient water can also prevent a number of ailments.Prong and Shared-Prong Settings Look for spaced, metal tabs on top of a set stone to identify a prong setting. Usually they consist of four or six prongs per stone, but sometimes more. Some of t he stone's top edge should be visible between prongs. Many pronged settings secure each stone individually, with the same number of pro paper bag textures ngs on each gem. However, in some cases, neighboring stones share prongs. For example, on a bracelet with a rectangular, emerald-cut st one, the stone has four prongs securing its corners to the bracelet. In a traditional prong setting, two prongs are side-by-side wherev oil and gas safety jobs in india er the corners of two emerald-cut gems meet; in a shared-prong setting, only one prong sits between the stones' corners and it secures .

height as the top of the stone it secures, giving the gem a slight sunken appearance. Bezel settings are common on linked bracelets, w ith two links on opposite sides of bezel-set stone connecting the stone in a chain of similar pieces. Channel Setting Two parallel line s of metal securing a row of stones indicates a channel setting. The metal forming the parallel edges of the setting are usually narrow , but can be wider, sandwiching a row of gemstones between them. There is no metal between the gems, so the bare edges of stones are in free eft books direct contact. This setting often contains round-cut stones, but may feature emerald-cut, princess-cut or baguette-cut stones. Channe l settings are most common on bangles. Pav Setting To identify a pav setting, look for a row of round gems compacted close together oil and gas safety jobs in india . Pavis a French word that translates to the word paved. A pavsetting should resemble a piece of metal paved with stones. Bracelets .

ired point on your chest. There will be a loop of spare necklace material underneath the point you pinched. Measure this loop of spare material. Make a note of or remember this measurement. 2 Remove the necklace and lay it out on a flat surface. Measure the entire neckl ace. If you wish to remove around half of the entire length of the necklace, you should use a shortening clasp. Necklace shortening cla sps are basically rings which are used to double-up the necklace and thereby reduce its length by almost half. 3 Loop one end of the cl Eat to Live osed necklace over one side of the necklace shortening clasp. Put the clasp at the back of your neck and loop the other end of the neck lace over the opposite side of the shortening clasp. Close the shortening clasp to complete the adjustment. 4 Make a smaller adjustment oil and gas safety jobs in india to your necklace using a shortening clip. Shortening clips essentially do the same job as your fingers did during your measurement. Pu .

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