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of the band into place.1 Put the watch on and close the clasp. TIghten the watch band to correct fit by pinching the band. Check the n umber of links in the pinch. This is the number you must remove. 2 Look on the underside of the watch band. Locate the links with small arrows etched on them. These are the removable links. 3 Push a pin into the hole on the side of the removable links in the direction t hat the arrow is pointing. The friction holding pin will be pushed out of the other side. Pull it out with needle-nose pliers. Do the s great web templates ame for the pin holding the other side of the link. Remove the link, and continue in this manner to remove as many links as required. 4 Take each loose end of the watch band and realign the holding pin holes. Push the friction pins back into the holes. Try on the watch oil and gas safety training in canada and check that you have the correct fit.1 Place the watch on your wrist. Tighten the clasp closed. Take the strap in a pinch so that th .

int in the direction that you have to push the holding pin out. 3 Push a pin into the hole on the side of the link that you wish to rem ove in the direction that the arrow is pointing. Pull the exposed holding pin out of the other side with pliers. Remove the pin from th e other side and remove the link between them. Remove as many links as you need. It is better to remove equal numbers from each side of the watch band to keep the balance correct. 4 Realign the ends of the watch so the holes are lined up. Push the holding pins back into online free invoice template the holes to re-secure the watch band. Try on the watch to check if the fit is correct.Make Rings Smaller 1 Buy a ring adjuster such a s a ring guard or ring wrap. Adjust the guard to fit into the bottom of the ring following the manufacturer instructions. These tempora oil and gas safety training in canada ry guards come in plastic, metal or gold and are priced accordingly. 2 Place two small sizing beads on the inside bottom of your ring. .

finger perfectly as a model. 5 Find a hard round surface that is the diameter of this ring, but is narrower on one end and tapers towa rd the correct size. This could be a metal wine stopper, a pen or a lipstick holder. 6 Place the ring onto the item and mark it with a marker where the ring fits. 7 Put the ring you want to enlarge onto the wine stopper or other item you found. Hold it in place on the t apered edge as close as you can to the mark you made. 8 Tap on the ring gently with a small hammer or rubber mallet, pushing it toward 3d model of molecule the mark. Move the hammer around the ring and continue to tap gently as it slides up to the correct size.1 Flip the watch face-down ont o the soft cloth or silicone pad and examine the case back. Modern Invicta watches have two different styles of case backs. The first t oil and gas safety training in canada ype is affixed by screws, whereas the second is screwed on via slotted indentations. 2 Remove the case back by either removing the scre .

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