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the knot. A herringbone bracelet will likely have just one knot as the thickness of the pattern makes it less likely to form multiple knots. 4 Hold a straight pin in each hand, if you cannot untangle the bracelet with your fingers. Place one of the pins into the knotte d area and use the other to hold the bracelet still. Gently pull at the tangled area with the pin. Shake your fingers gently as you pul l to "tease" the knot out.Choosing Chain Metal Strong jewelry chains can be made from a variety of metals. For the strongest, most secu Cookie Diet re chain for your pendant, choose gold in a color that complements your pendant. White gold will match a silver, platinum, or white gol d pendant, and will complement many stone or gemstone pendants beautifully. Choose a gold chain of at least 14 karats, for a combinatio oil and gas safety valves n of strength and long-lasting shine. Silver is typically less expensive, but the metal can tarnish and become discolored. Choosing Cha .

Chains with link styles that are less flexible are also less strong, especially when it comes to items you hope to wear frequently. You r pendant may stress the inflexible links, and despite the sturdy appearance of serpentine, rope or herringbone chains, these are not t he strongest options for most pendants. For a more delicate, feminine look that does not sacrifice strength, a figaro chain is an excel lent option, but may not work with a heavier, stone pendant. Choosing a Clasp The clasp or closure of a pendant chain is a frequent poi blogger templates 2014 nt of weakness, and the style must be chosen with great care. The clasp must be well made enough to withstand frequent opening and clos ing, but is must be easy to work with as well. Most moderately priced chains will have a spring-loaded ring and hoop closure. These can oil and gas safety valves be made quite small and some are difficult to work with. The hoop and ring must be solid and connected to the chain with no visible cr .

d is considered the most secure style of clasp, and a smart choice for a particularly valuable pendant. The clasp to look out for is th e magnetic variety, which are very easy to close and open but often fall off during use, especially when paired with a charm or pendant . Buying Tips To find the strongest chain to wear with a favorite pendant, bring it along to a jeweler. Look carefully for a color matc h or complement, and compromise where price and style make it necessary. Some pendants will look lovely with a contrasting metal chain, freelance editor invoice template others will not. The length of the chain you buy for a particular pendant will depend on the size of the pendant and personal style. A large, flat pendant may work best resting at the throat on a short chain, or hanging low onto the front of the chest. When choosing a oil and gas safety valves longer chain, watch out for chains that kink easily due to link style or craftsmanship. Undoing kinks in a chain can cause breakage at .

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