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ikes in socks so you can ensure the items will be worn regularly.22 Karat Too soft for modern daily wear, you typically see 22 karat go ld only in museums where ancient or antique jewelry is displayed. Although it exudes a deep, rich color, its high purity requires frequ ent polishing to preserve the shine. Great care must be taken in polishing or in wearing 22k gold because it is easily bent or deformed . 18 Karat European jewelry-makers traditionally prefer gold with a purity of 18 karat.Alloyed with silver, it strikes a balance betwee psd paper textures n durability and the classic yellow hue of the more malleable 22 karat gold. In addition, 18k gold ages gracefully as you wear it, taki ng on a subdued, muted sheen over time. 14 Karat Americans have long favored 14 karat as the all-purpose jewelry gold; the term "14 kar oil and gas safety zone at" represents a gold content of 58.5 per cent. Its alloyed metals are usually a blend of silver, copper and zinc; 14 karat gold is har .

-sheen finish, white gold's tough resilience is suitable for rings and pins as well as gemstone settings. 10 Karat Jewelry sold as 10k is the minimum karat legally permitted in the United States to be termed genuine gold; with a purity of less than 50 percent, it's usua lly the least expensive version of the real thing. The high alloy content of 10 karat produces the most durable gold for everyday jewel ry such as bracelets and gold chains as well as specialty items like fine writing instruments. Individuals who work with their hands ma free electroinc books y prefer a 10 karat gold ring for its superior resistance to scratching. The low percentage of gold makes 10 karat jewelry susceptible to colors introduced by alloy metals, allowing it to be produced in a wide variety of hues.1 Measure your wrist to better understand ho oil and gas safety zone w much larger your Pandora bracelet needs to be. Wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your wrist. Take this measurement, then .

dora bracelet. 3 Open the clasp of the extender chain, and place it on the receiving ring of the bracelet, where the original clasp wou ld usually be placed. Allow it to close around the ring. 4 Place the bracelet around your wrist. Grab the Pandora bracelet's original c lasp, and open it. Close it around one of the links of the extender chain that allows the bracelet to rest comfortably around your wris t. Jingle and move your wrist around to ensure this is the fit you desire. Count the number of chain links from the extender's clasp, m Cookie Diet oving up until the link where the original clasp is connected. Remember this number so you know exactly how long the extender chain nee ds to be. 5 Remove the bracelet's original clasp from the extender chain, and take off the bracelet. Use the wire cutter to snip away t oil and gas safety zone he excess links -- the ones above the desired link, away from the extender's clasp. Harder metals, such as titanium, probably can't be .

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