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in the morning. In the same manner, for evening engagements, put your earrings on immediately before you go out. 3 Remove some of the e arrings' elements with pliers, if possible. For example, if several hanging strands make the earrings heavy, remove some of them. Pry o pen the rings with a pair of needle-nose pliers and carefully pull off some strands.Paper Clip and Ribbon Chain Choker 1 Measure the mi ddle of your neck with the tape measure. This will be the length of the choker. 2 Clip paper clips together by threading one clip throu desktop icons disapearing gh another so they are attached at their ends. Continue to attach them until you make a chain long enough to fit around your neck. 3 We ave the paper clips on both ends of the necklace through the male and female ends of the hook-and-eye clasps. This clasp allows the wea oil gas safety alerts rer to easily and quickly put on and take off the necklace. 4 Tie very short pieces of ribbon in a knot around each joint where two pap .

. Key Ring Chain Choker 5 Measure the middle of your neck with the tape measure. This will be the length of the choker. 6 Select key ch ain rings based on diameter; the larger the ring, the more space it will take up on your neck. Larger rings often look more masculine w hile smaller rings look more delicate and feminine. 7 Weave one key chain ring onto another by pulling the end of one ring open slightl y and feeding the second ring through that opening. Continue to attach rings to the chain until it is long enough to wrap around your n psd paper textures eck. 8 Feed the male end of the hook-and-eye clasp through the last key chain ring on one side of the necklace and the female end of th e clasp through the last ring on the other side of the necklace. This allows you to clasp and unclasp the necklace.1 Take the man in yo oil gas safety alerts ur life to a professional tailor and have him measured so you have exact sizes. Place the size card in your pocket and depart for your .

u must make when buying men's clothes.Invest in quality over quantity where budget permits. 3 Add a blend of T-shirts, dress shirts and dress jackets to the collection. If the man is an athlete include a few athleticT-shirts and a running jacket. Incorporate an assortme nt of colors so he can create new looks that coordinate with his bottoms. 4 Incorporate accessories such as ties, belts and shoes. Buy items that he can mix and match in his daily wardrobe. Be sure to include a blend of casual and more formal pieces for professional and free electroinc books other occasions. 5 Buy outerwear, including a rain coat and casual coat, as well as a trench coat if the man is a professional. Spend more on outerwear, as it is an investment piece he will have for many years. Keep colors neutral. Socks and underwear, as well as under oil gas safety alerts shirts, are other garments that should line his dresser drawers; find out his preference for boxers versus briefs and the material he l .

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