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ugh the link in the pocket watch chain and then decide how long it should be. Keep in mind you'll be walking with these fobs, so no mor e than 2 inches or so of connecting material is probably necessary. 3 Put a charm on the material you've run through the chain link. It could be a small medallion, a coin with a hole in it or even a ring. Once you have put the charm onto the linking material, close the loop. For ribbons and hair weaves tie the ends in a knot. For chains, open up the end link with a pair of pliers, put the charm on and the zone diet then close the link once more. The charm needs to swing free, and the material it's hanging from needs to be attached firmly. 4 Put you r pocket watch on again. Check and see how the fobs hang and make sure they're comfortable. Once all the fobs are attached, and they al oil gas safety specialists l hang at a level you're comfortable with, your pocket watch chain is fully decorated.1 Choose a fedora style hat that is consistent wi .

the day, may require a more casual fedora. A straw fedora goes well with shorts and a classic men's Cuban-style guayabera shirt. 3 Wea r a dressier fedora in the evening to a wedding or a cocktail party can make a real statement. The color of the hat should go nicely wi th the suit color. The band of the hat, which is typically lighter or darker, can also tie in with the color of the suit. 4 Wear your f edora with low-slung jeans, belt, T-shirt and sneakers -- gold chains optional -- and you have the iconic hip-hop style, popularized by brat diet musician's like Run DMC and more recently, Justin Timberlake. 5 Wear your fedora during the day and the evening, but don't forget that part of wearing the fedora stylishly, also means appropriately. It is still proper etiquette to take your hat off when you come inside oil gas safety specialists , especially in a place of worship or when the national anthem is playing.History and Uses Rings with romantic or poetic inscriptions d .

t only used as wedding rings but were also given to friends or used to signify special occasions. Several of William Shakespeare's play s mention posey rings:"Hamlet" in Act III, "Is this a prologue, or the posy of a ring?" Inscriptions During medieval times, the posey w as usually engraved on the outside of the ring, with later rings generally having the inscription on the inside of the band. Rhyming in scriptions were in vogue until about 1500 and written in Latin or French as both languages were widely used among the elite in medieval 3 day military diet Europe. Later periods used English in addition to Latin and French. The giver would write an original message for a goldsmith to engra ve, sometimes aided by friends or family. Posey writing became an essential art among the educated. Others might choose a motto from po oil gas safety specialists pular literature and books dedicated to the language of love, like "Love's Garland; or Posies for Rings, Hand-kerchers and Gloves and S .

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