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ter; and color -- natural or artificial.1 Store your sterling silver jewelry in a flannel pouch when you're not wearing it. The thickne ss of flannel helps absorb the sulfur compounds without scratching the silver. 2 Remove your silver jewelry before showering and seal i t inside a zip-seal bag. The warm, humid air inside a bathroom fades your jewelry by increasing tarnishing. 3 Spray cosmetic products, such as perfume, hairspray or deodorant, in a separate room, away from your exposed jewelry. The chemicals, oils and fragrances in cosm Wheat Belly etic products fade any silver jewelry outside a protective pouch. 4 Polish your jewelry twice a year to prevent severe tarnishing. Mass age a dime-sized amount of polish into your jewelry using a clean flannel cloth. Rinse the piece under warm water and dry thoroughly wi oil gas safety training uae th a clean flannel cloth. Removing tarnish regularly prevents fading, corrosion and discoloration.1 Place the watch on your wrist. The .

e near ring, then pull the ribbon end toward you until the band is suitably tight. As you look at the band, the ribbon end should go th rough both d-rings before it doubles back around the outside of the far d-ring, then comes back through the near d-ring.The Basic Fold 1 Lay the handkerchief on a flat surface and smooth out any wrinkles. 2 Fold the right side of the handkerchief to the left side. At th is point, the handkerchief will resemble a rectangle. 3 Pull the bottom of the handkerchief upward toward the top. Stop when the bottom Dr. Andrew Weil reaches three-fourths of the way up the rectangle. 4 Fold the handkerchief in thirds. Place the small square into your pocket and adju st accordingly. The Puff Fold 5 Lay the handkerchief flat. 6 Pinch the center of the handkerchief and pull straight upward. 7 Use your oil gas safety training uae opposite hand to gather the handkerchief 1 inch below your pinched fingers. Keep your fingers pinched in the center and gently slide yo .

uld "puff" out of the pocket. The Triangle Fold 10 Lay the handkerchief flat and smooth out the wrinkles. Turn the handkerchief to rese mble a diamond. 11 Pull the bottom point of the handkerchief upward to the top point. The handkerchief now resembles a triangle. 12 Fol d the left bottom corner of the triangle to the right bottom corner. Fold the right corner back to the left corner and wrap any excess fabric around the base of the handkerchief. At this point, the handkerchief resembles a long rectangle with a triangle at the top. 13 F the zone diet old the bottom upward three-fourths of the way. Insert the handkerchief into your pocket and adjust.1 Cut the wire into two equal parts that are 20 feet long. Use the wire cutters to make a clean cut. 2 Solder the positive leads of the connectors onto one end of each of oil gas safety training uae the two wires. The connectors will connect the wires to the 9-volt battery. 3 Turn the socks inside out. Pick up the end of one wire t .

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