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match, however, other gemstones more suitable for rings have similar colors. A fancy sapphire can closely match the color of tanzanite and is also the most durable substitute, with a Mohs Hardness of 9. Spinels come in nearly every color of the rainbow and are also very durable and suitable for everyday wear in a ring. Amethyst, well known for its royal purple hue, is also a hard-wearing and affordable gemstone.Pearls Pearlfection Any dress, whether it's basic black, cream or full of color can be highlighted with pearls. These salt an warrior diet d freshwater beauties are a true neutral when it comes to accessories. They also have the ability to add a sense of sophistication to a ny dress, making them ideal for black tie events as well as the office. Dresses with various colors are particularly accented by the cr qatar gas safety alert isp elegance of pearls. A necklace, earrings or a bracelet all work well. Colorful Costume Jewels Bright and Colorful Jewelry This mult .

trend to draw attention to the bright palette of a colorful dress. With such an upbeat aesthetic, this is ideal for special occasions l ike weddings and barbecues. Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend. Staple with Sparkle Whether you're wearing shorts and a sweatshirt or an sequin-studded evening gown, diamonds are always apropos. Since there's nothing diamond jewelry won't compliment, it's a sure thing wi th a multi-colored dress. It will add a definite dressy factor to the ensemble, making it mostly suitable for evening occasions. When c African Mango hoosing diamonds to accessorize during the day, keep it simple with the concept less is more. Only earrings or just a bracelet work wel l to avoid looking over-done. Other Materials Naturally Accessorized For as many colors found in a colorful dress, there are just as ma qatar gas safety alert ny materials for jewelry. Gem stones, tortoise and wood are all beautiful in accessories and shouldn't be overlooked. Chunky, wood jewe .

e age-old adage goes, for happiness in love and in marriage, each bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed an d something blue. While the first three are pretty easy to abide by, what if blue just doesn't fit with your wedding color scheme? Not to worry - a blue necklace is an easy way to incorporate the color, and your choice don't have to draw attention to the jewelry color c hoice unless you want it to. Stand Out Vibrant blue hues can really make a statement on your wedding day. Make a statement with a bold Alkaline Diet blue necklace. With a white or off-white dress, go for big and bold with blue pearls that will draw attention to your neckline without compromising the traditional wedding dress code. If your wedding isn't traditional, use large jewels in a vibrant blue hue to draw atte qatar gas safety alert ntion to the neckline in a more unconventional and less conservative way. Keep It Subtle A subtle necklace is delicate enough to show o .

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