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Fuelling the Island


How will this save me money?

An LPG conversion is the way forward for a reliable cheaper alternative to petrol. Whichever way you look at it.

Direct comparisons, made against either traditional diesel or unleaded petrol, by either pump prices or running costs, translate generally into savings.

Your conversion investment will pay for itself.

Also, LPG burns much more cleanly than conventional fuels so there is less wear and tear on your vehicle and engine parts, which of course means spending less money, and downtime on maintenance.


The fuel that doesn't cost the earth

LPG is a much more environmentally friendly fuel and has many benefits for improving the quality of the air we breath, especially in towns and cities where vehicles cause specific pollution problems.

There are extremely low emmissions from LPG fuelled cars, for example in the cold, LPG emits only half as much carbon monoxide as Petrol.


You can fill up at a supply point, just like traditional fuel pump at a garage. The only difference you'll notice is a new design of fuel filler under the fuel cap. The fuel dispenser in Guernsey can be found at Doyle Motors, St Peter Port

Switching is simple

How easy is it to convert?

Conversion of your exisiting petrol engine is straightforward, and conversion kits are readily available for most models. These include a closed-loop, computer -controlled injection system and a pressurised LPG fuel tank built to withstand a 30G impact.

Will LPG damage my engine?

No! In fact LPG is a cleaner burning fuel, leaving very few deposits after combustion, which is why your oil stays cleaner for longer and some say this should increase the life of your engine.

The affordable, cleaner and greener alternative

As an alternative to traditional fuels LPG Autogas really comes out on top. It's better for the environment, will save on your running costs and is perfect for island motoring.

Autogas vehicles are one of the island's best kept secrets, delivering significant savings and offering a more environmentally friendly ride for their drivers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can my vehicle be converted?

Almost all petrol engined vehicles can be converted to dual fuel (LPG & Petrol) without problems, including turbo charged vehicles. In most cases there is no noticeable loss of performance.

What happens if I run out of Gas?

Being a dual fuel vehicle you have the option to revert back to petrol at the flick of a switch. This is also very useful when driving long distances as your vehicle has twice the range between fill-ups.

What MPG can I expect from LPG?

Most people lose approximately 10% MPG compared to petrol but due to the cost difference at the pump you are still making massive savings.

How much space will it take up?

Very little space is lost as we install the equipment sympathetically.

Most tanks are fitted in the rear of the vehicle. In some 4x4 vehicles we install them underneath the sills. In large saloon cars we can fit a cylindrical tank in the boot space between the wheel arches. If you have an estate or hatchback you might choose a tank which takes the space occupied by the spare wheel.

Is having a pressurised tank dangerous?

No, in fact the pressure inside the tank is the same pressure as a gas lighter. The tank is fitted with a large number of safety devices that make it much safer than petrol.

Who can I talk to for more details?

Vehicle Conversions

Dave Carrel Ltd
Dave Carrel 01534 862844


Alternatively email us with your query.






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